Join us for church

This is more than watching a youtube message by yourself, we're inviting you to do CHURCH in community! Our buildings might be closed but the Church of Jesus Christ is alive and very much open. We are staying connected as we digitally gather online for worship, an encouraging message and communion every weekend. Click below to join a group or read on to find out more information! If you've already registered once, no need to do it again!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zoom Church?

Zoom Church is a revolutionary way for us to stay connected for church through this time of crisis. We use Zoom Video Conferencing to gather digitally in small groups to stream church together for worship, an encouraging message, and communion every weekend.

What is Zoom Video Conferencing?

Zoom is an easy-to-use video communications tool that allows people to virtually meet with video and audio conferencing. After registering for Zoom Church, you will receive a link to join your host's group. You may join using your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Additional tutorials on how to use Zoom can be found on their website. Watching church together online has never been easier or timely!

What makes Zoom Church unique?

Zoom Church is unique because it incorporates the element of community to a streamed church experience. Unlike joining a large group of viewers of one stream, Zoom Church is all about gathering digitally in small groups. It encourages us to grow closer to one another and take part in koinonia during this time while growing closer to God.

Do you have activities for kids?

Yes! Influencers Kids will have tons of programming available for your children! Make sure to ask us about Influencers Kids content for more information on getting signed up. The kids YouTube page can be found by clicking here!

Do you have Zoom groups in any other languages?

Yes! We have EspaƱol groups in both USA and Australia time zones. Just sign up through zoom.church and we'll get you connected!

Can I invite anyone to my group?

Yes! We encourage you to invite your friends, co-workers, and family to take part in church. We've already heard several incredible stories of families gathering for church together despite being miles apart.

What are the values of Influencers Church?

Our vision is simply this, to influence the hearts of people towards greater connection with God, using the generous resource of God's love in the context of God's family, the local church.

Who is Influencers Church?

Influencers Church is a multicultural, multi-generational, non-denominational Hillsong Family Church for all ages and stages of life. Influencers USA started in November 2012 and was the first international church planted for Influencers Australia. There are now 11 physical locations across Atlanta, Australia, and Indonesia.