Return to Church

Our plan - July 5 we're Back

Returning to Church Safely

We are so excited that our church is able to meet again for worship, community, communion, and to hear the word - IN PERSON! In our return to church, your safety is a top priority for us so we have implemented a range of precautions and procedures so that you can worship freely in church.

Church will be a little bit different to what you might be used to - but everything we've done is with your safety in mind and to adhere to the regulations the government has set out.


We're committed to making our church a safe space where you can worship and develop your faith - so here are some of the things that we're doing across the board at all of our campuses!

Sanitisation Stations

Throughout our churches we have hand sanitizer readily available to help keep your hands free of germs.

Social Distancing

We're encouraging appropriate social distancing in all areas of the church where possible and will have 'Covid Wardens' to help with this process.

Check In

To join us for church, you'll be required to check-in via the 'Church Center' app for a service. This helps us with room capacity limits and abiding by the requests that the government has asked of us.


Signs have been placed on seats in the auditorium to be left for social distancing.


Communion juice & bread will now be pre-packaged and no longer passed down the aisle.

Coffee & Food

Pre-made takeaway coffees and 'on the go' food will be available for purchase from cafe in campuses with the capability to do so.

For Families With Kids

Church is back and so are all our kids programs! We are committed to providing clean, safe,welcoming and engaging kids programs for all age groups. Here is some information to help you navigate coming back to church with your children.

Checking In

Checking your children into their program will be the same as before however our kids leaders will enter all your details. Our kids teams will guide you on the day.


All our toys will be cleaned and sanitised on a weekly basis.


High touch areas will be cleaned regularly.

Social Distancing

We will be ensuring that we have 2 sqms for every child in our programs as per government requirements.

Not feeling well

We ask that if you or your child feels unwell that stay home and recover.


All our leaders are excited to welcome your kids back to Church and will do so in fun, safe and COVID safe ways.

Download the Church Center app

Service Times

These are the service times across our campuses as we return to in-person gatherings.


57 Darley Road, Paradise





113 Currie Street, Adelaide




1760 Main North Road, Salisbury Plain




130 Pimpala Road, Morphett Vale SA


Clare Valley

Stradbrooke Rd, Stanley Flat



Mount Barker

Cornerstone College – Atelier Theatre

68 Adelaide Rd, Mount Barker



We believe that God is about to do a new thing and after 12 years, we are shifting our Friday night service to a new day and time on July 5! A word based, spirit led, worship filled, fun, energetic service ALL now on a Sunday night at 5pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How many people are allowed back at church?

From 29th June, there is no number cap on gatherings, but all premises must abide by 1 person for every 2sqm. Each campus will have room capacities displayed on entry doors. Some campuses also have the option of an overflow room to allow for more people to attend church.

Can I sit next to my family member or friend?

Family members are able to sit next to each other, as are people dating, but friends (even if they have seen each other) must social distance. 

Will there be kids and youth programs?

Yes, kids church will be available in all services and youth programs return in campuses in July.

Do kids need to social distance in their programs?

he government have not made a clear comment on this, but at this stage we believe they are going to allow kids programs in churches to function similarly to schools.

What provisions is the church making to help keep people safe from COVID-19?

All campuses have completed a COVID Safe form as per government guidelines and will appoint a COVID Warden for each service, to ensure guidelines are adhered to.

There will be signs on seats to let everyone know where they are unable to sit to allow for safe distance between people and rows will be spaced further apart. 

Hand sanitiser will be available at numerous points throughout the building and there will be cleaning of regularly touched surfaces between services and cleaning of toys and surfaces in kids rooms.

Services will be dismissed in sections to allow people to leave the service and the building with social distancing space.

Can I still get coffee and food?

Coffee will still be available for purchase, but it will be (where possible) pre-made to avoid groups waiting for coffee and will be a  “order”, “pay”, “grab” & “move”. Some campuses will offer food for purchase, but they will be pre-prepared, quick serve items to avoid waiting times. 

What about communion and offering containers being passed from person to person?

To reduce the risk of transmission, communion will be available as you enter church and both the bread and juice will be in a sealed container. Wherever possible people will be encouraged to use online means to give their offering, however locked boxes will be available at every campus for people to give their cash offering.

Can I still chat after the service with friends?

There will be some allowance for you to catch up with friends after the service. However, foyer capacities are much smaller than auditorium capacities, so we will need to ensure enough people move through the foyer to allow for others to pause and chat.  In addition to this, where possible campuses will provide heating in outdoor areas to allow for extra time.

Do we have to sign in for church?

At this stage the church has a responsibility to collect details of people that attend so if in the event of a COVID case, trace contacts can be notified. For most people this will require you to download an app on your smartphone called “Church Center App”, this will allow you to check-in to church on your phone and we will then scan your QR code at the door. If you are unable to download the app, we will have a system at the door for you to check-in. Some campuses may require you to pre-register if they have limited seating available.

What if people are hesitant to come back to church, how can they watch the service?

We will have a zoom group available in each campus, so that people who are hesitant in returning to church can still have community and watch the church service. We will also have our church service streamed to both youtube and facebook at 11am on Sundays.

Can our connect group meet in person?

Connect groups can meet in homes as long as the group adheres to the government guidelines for gatherings in homes.