Futures College Australia

The vision of Futures College is to train, equip and release the next generation of leaders to influence their local community. We offer a combination of leadership, ministry and theology delivered in a way that you can apply to your life.

Futures College partners with Alphacrucis College, which is a leading Christian college with a reputation of excellence in training and teaching.

There are three streams currently available at Futures College.

Each stream is based on the diploma of Leadership course and can be completed either full time or part time. See below for details on the Diploma of Leadership.

1) Biblical Studies Stream

This stream allows you to focus more on studying the word and going deeper in your theological understanding. Click Here for more information

2) Internship Stream

This stream allows you to focus on growing your capacity and the opportunity to be discipled by incredible Pastors and leaders. Click Here  for more information.

3) Chaplaincy Stream

This stream allows you to outwork your faith and pastoral care in the local community. This stream includes a specialised chaplaincy training intensive in addition to either the Biblical Studies Stream or Internship Stream.  Click Here for more information.

Meet the College Staff

Ps Simon Van Niekerk
Ps Simon Van Niekerk

Head of College

Ps Stuart Green
Ps Stuart Green

Academics Pastor

Ps Joel Mercorella
Ps Joel Mercorella

Students Pastor

Ps Greg Johnston
Ps Greg Johnston

Teaching Pastor



I have learned how to form and lead an effective kids ministry team and developed essential communication skills necessary for team management.  Since undertaking the internship I have understood God’s call on my life with greater clarity.  I have grown in my understanding of the Bible and what it means to make disciples


I never saw myself as a leader but God has given me opportunities to lead others through college and has caused me to see that He can use me in this area.  God has been bringing out of me leadership abilities that I can use in both church life and work.


Serving in church this year has blessed me beyond my expectations.  Seeing the way the little things we have done as a team has helped contribute to seeing more teenagers find the love of God for the first time has given me a greater sense of purpose in knowing I can contribute to the kingdom of God.  I would highly recommend the internship program to anyone who is looking for direction or clarity in their life.  Learning from leaders who continually speak life into you is a great opportunity to set yourself up for your future relationships, career and ministry.


One of the things I have learned this year has been about carrying weight in leadership. I have also been excited in seeing others grow through personal discipleship.


I have been a Christian for many years but I felt God opened the door to college so that I could get to know more the most important truths that I have based my life on and to be a better witness for Him.


I did college this year because I wanted to grow closer to God.  I have grown in my time management, organisational skills and my ability to study the Bible.

The Best Year Of Your Life!

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What will be covered in the diploma of leadership curriculum?

Semester 1 subjects are:
• Personal Leadership
• Professional Practice
• Old Testament Foundations
• Faith and Purpose.

Semester 2 subjects are:
Leadership Principles
• Preaching
• New Testament Foundations
• Introduction to Pastoral Ministry.

I am a full-time working individual or have a family of my own, is there an option for me?

We suggest the online Study Option of the Diploma of Leadership. This can be flexible around your time and gives you the ability to complete your studies at home.

What if I'm an International Student?

AC offers options for International Students – please contact us by expressing your interest with the above form and we can speak to you personally.

Is there a part-time option?

Yes there is a part-time option if you are unable to do full-time study. Please contact Alphacrucis College directly to find out more information.

Futures College Partnerships

If you are connected to a church outside of Futures, we offer College Partnerships which enables you to partner with us. Some of the benefits include relational, practical and financial benefits for you and your local church.