Our vision is simply this, to influence the hearts of people towards greater connection with GOD, using the generous resource of God’s love in the context of God’s family, the local church.

The heart & call of an Influencer is local, and global; together yet Individual & at the same time, passionately consumed by the desire to serve & love others. Prayer & Fasting is the driving force behind everything we do & this only further fuels the insatiable urge inside of us to make a real difference in our world; a difference that we can only make together. The tangible reality of this can be seen as we sell out to the equipping & empowering of people to lead and influence in the places that God has called us to.

God has called His Church to be a city on a hill, a light in the darkness, with the answer to the hurt and pain of this world on our lips. He has charged us with taking the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. This is no regular call, it is a commission, it is the good fight spoken of by Paul, and the ‘cause’ that many have laid their lives down for. It is the very heartbeat of God. We are committed to making fully devoted followers of Christ, who understand the why behind the what, that are fully focused on building God’s kingdom and putting Him first in their lives.

We understand that everyone is at a different place in their journey, but that everyone has a desire to move forward towards the purpose for which they were created. We believe that to reach this generation, you need to speak their language. The language of this generation is media and so we are committed to engage with media to communicate to & capture the vision and hearts of the generation that will take the baton from us and run further and faster than we ever will. This vision statement is intentionally incomplete because we believe that vision thrives through partnership.

Maybe what God has put in your heart is the very thing we have been looking for to take the Church to a new level. Either way, welcome to the family.