1. Christine Caine

Powerhouse international guest speaker Christine Caine is at Influencers Church this coming Sunday at the Infinite Energy Forum - 9.30am & 11.30am

With a live link to the Cumming Campus for the 11.30am service.

A Sunday you do not want to miss! Don't come along bring someone...

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2. Creative Team Night

Team Night is back this Friday Night at 7.30pm!

Get ready for a great night as we combine as creatives/ as a family to celebrate all that God has done!

Bring someone along! Open to all creative or not

2838 Duluth Hwy, Duluth

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11th Jul 2017

4. YTH Lock In

Make sure you're at the Yth Lock in this Friday! 

7pm $7 2838 Duluth Hwy, Duluth


Parents Waiver


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5. House Parties

House Parties! Is coming to Influencers! Get ready as we launch into our new small groups fro 2017 called House Parties!

Get connected into Influencers and find life long friends to help you along your journey with God.

Click here to sign up today!
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6. Youth Is on!

Calling all teenagers and young people! Youth is on every wednesday at 7pm! at 2838 Duluth Hwy 120, Duluth! We'd love to see you there!



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