Ashley & Jane

Ashley and Jane are the parents of 3 amazing sons, Mark, Nathan and Benjamin and two wonderful daughters-in-law, Lauren (married to Mark) and Chloe (married to Nathan) and grandparents to Judah (adorable son of Mark and Lauren). Ps Ashley and Ps Jane are Senior Pastors of Influencers Churches Global, a multi-site mega church in Australia, ministering to many thousands of people every weekend.

Influencers Church is a multi-generational, multi cultural church for all ages and stages of life. Influencers Church Atlanta started in Nov 2012 and was the first international church plant for the Influencers Australia. Ps Ashley and Jane decided to lead the church plant as part of the continual commitment to being on the cutting edge of building leaders, reaching people and leading by example. Influencers ATL is growing consistently and since it's inception with 1 family in a lounge room has grown to over 2500 people.

Adelaide and Atlanta are the 2 major HUBS which are currently initiating the planting of churches and raising of leaders. The vision of Influencers church is to impact individuals and families and help them live out the 4 promises of God until they are not only recipients of God’s grace, but fully engaged in the mission and have become givers of God’s grace. God’s promise to you is to RESCUE you, RESTORE you, REDEEM you and for you to join a team making a REAL difference. We want you to experience it and help others do the same. We have made church simple and organized everything around these 4 promises. The global goal is to plant over 200 congregations in the next 10-15 years around the world and to raise 10000 leaders in the next 6-10 years.

The local church is God’s plan to get his love to the world. God created the church to be his local family in a local community and its our vision to raise pastors and leaders to create these local expressions of God’s mission. Influencers Church is a cause-driven Church with a focus on reaching people. We understand that we have been rescued to be rescuers. We have been helped to help, healed to heal and loved to love. Influencers church has a passionate commitment to social justice and missions, with feeding programs in a number of countries, disaster relief staff, orphanages, rescue homes, HIV/AIDS nursing and foster care programs, etc and church planters who are making a difference around the world.

Both Ashley and Jane speak around the world at conference and events as part of their commitment to encourage other Leaders and churches.